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Maite Carranza had previously dealt with topics like sexual abuse or prostitution in her career as script writer. This triggered off her interest in writing a novel centred in these complex social matters but it was the cases of Natascha Kampusch and Elizabeth Fritzl in Austria that put her to work. Her motivation was to contribute to the denunciation that is arising from many voices that, until now, have been silenced by a society that prefers to shut its eyes concerning issues that consider taboo or shameful. ?This is a novel that clearly breaks the age borders, grapping also the adult reader, asking for his attention?(El Periódico). The key is the structure of the novel, superbly assembled. Carranza has been inspired by the best crime fiction, building the plot as a mystery to be solved at the end, inviting the reader to put himself in the shoes of the characters in order to be able to find the clues that will lead to the answers. Poisoned words is the answer to the questions that everybody asked themselves after hearing about these cases. How is the every day life of a person locked? How is to get up without hope every day? How weak were they when they were kidnapped? Barbara is a teenager whose childhood was disturbed with violence, whose youth is a nightmare but she is very far away from understanding the abuse she?s suffered, she is confused with feelings of hate and love towards the offender, knowing that he is also the only one who keeps her bare connection to the world, he keeps her alive, after all. When life has been ripped of everything, the smallest human contact, no matter how terrible it can be, gets a value. The plot appears like a puzzle difficult to fit, made up of four different views of the case in first person: that of the police officer, the mother of the missing girl, the missing girls? friend and the main character herself. Built using the structure of a crime fiction, it couldn?t be missing the character of the detective. In the novel, this

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